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Many of us here at Pride consider ourselves an integral part of the LGBTQIA community. We are involved and we are connected. We provide financial support and we volunteer. We lobby for what’s important to us and we campaign when we feel that we need to be heard.

Being a gay-owned and operated company, Pride constantly sought out to join our collective forces by forming not only a thriving and sustainable business but one that also creates a consistent flow of donations to causes that are critical to the wellbeing of the LGBTQIA community. The importance of playing an active role in protecting the core beliefs of our community has become an integral element of our business model which on one hand incentivizes like-minded merchants that partake in Pride initiatives and on the other hand, redirects a part of Pride’s income to various LGBTQIA charities. And, that foundation allowed for our 20/20 Project to be born.

Let us explain how it works. When you sign up with Pride, you have the ability to select a charity that you wish to contribute to. Pride will start routing 20% of the income earned from your account to that charity when you begin processing with us, and we will continue to do so every month for as long as you process with us. Your processing fees won’t go up and you do not need to reach into your pocket to support the cause you are passionate about. In fact, we will be reducing your fees by up to 20% when you come onboard as our thanks for backing us in this effort to build a stronger community.



Credit card transactions processed through Pride go beyond mere commerce and positively impact organizations like these:

• AIDS/LifeCycle
• APLA Health
• Cascade AIDS Project
• Colorado AIDS Project
• DC Center for LGBT Community
• Desert AIDS Project
• Gay City Health Project
• National AIDS & Educational Services for Minorities
• Oakland Pride
• Stonewall National Museum